Considering switching to VoIP? Done right it will raise your efficiency to a whole new level.

Cloud, Digital, SIP, IP. It’s all Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP for short. It uses your office network and internet connection instead of complex wiring to a machine in your building and the old local phone company. Any person can plug in common VoIP devices like Phones and Fax machines just like they would a laptop.  Calls, Texts and Voicemail go to any networked device, anywhere in the world.

This flexibility raises efficiency to a whole new level. Example: Bob is home today. Bob can set his number to ring his laptop or mobile phone, and a buddy at the office. Assuring Bob can get his work done without worry of missing a call when he’s unavailable. Any call flow you can imagine using menus, groups, orders, times etc.. can ring anybody and everybody. Industry standard links in Outlook and other business software allow a screen pop up of accounts on inbound calls and click to calls from your PC. Best of all, data can never be lost. Who called where, when, and how often is in easy reports. Even the actual recordings of calls can be stored, and past faxes retrieved.

This is a brief overview and I’m sure you have more questions that need an answer. Email  or pick up the phone and call me at 714-499-9003. All advice I can give is applicable to any provider.

Chads Top 6 Secrets

  1. Never pay a year in advance – You’ll have 0 leverage against anything your unhappy about.
  2. Never sign an annual Contract – It’s a trap and just not necessary with VoIP.
  3. Unlimited is the most expensive –  You’re just paying for the most you could possibly use.
  4. Know your exact calling minutes used last month – 10k or a 100k is a big difference. knowing is the only way to choose the lowest cost plan.
  5. Negotiate and Play – Pitting sales people against each other will get you better than advertised pricing and terms.
  6. Stay able to change providers in a day – You’ll have the leverage to get the support you need.

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